December 2010 Outage

December 30th, 2010  |  Published in Monthly Outage Reports

Date# Cust.Min.CauseArea
12/1/10124Trees34984 MT Hwy 35, Polson
12/4/102240Conductor/Pole/SnowWest Rd, Niarada
12/5/10340Cutout61342 Hillside Rd, St. Ignatius
12/13/10145Fuse FatigueLoscheider Rd
12/14/10171Fuse Fatigue37360 Round Butte Rd, Ronan
12/17/101100Over loaded transformer35467 South Hills Dr., Polson
12/19/10169Over loaded transformer35467 South Hills Dr., Polson
12/23/1050120Frost/ConductorMinesinger Trail
12/24/10165Connector108 8th Ave W., Polson
12/24/10465FrostTower Rd, Polson
12/25/102065Frost35679 Memory Ln, Polson
12/25/1037080FrostKerr Dam Rd, Polson
12/25/10685Frost45175 Charlious Rd, Polson
12/25/10525Frost36173 Violet Ln, Polson
12/26/101095Frost421 Peace Rd, Polson
12/26/10455Frost41003 Apple Rd, Polson
12/26/101035Frost48873 Hwy 93, (Airport)
12/26/101560Frost36589 Glory Rd, Polson
12/26/101127Frost107 Mountain View Dr., St. Ignatius
12/26/1049050Frost45941 Back Rd, Ronan
12/26/10360Frost41003 Apple Rd, Polson
12/26/1010100Frost50537 Moiese Valley Rd., Charlo
12/26/10545Frost41215 Sunny Slope Ln, Polson
12/26/10460Frost44193 Back Rd,
12/26/101540FrostStagecoach Rd, Ronan
12/26/102025Frost35808 Mud Lake Trail
12/26/103125Frost43723 Bear Ln.
12/26/103115Frost34072 Blue Bird Ln, Ronan
12/26/10850FrostRocky Butte Rd., Ronan
12/26/1045Frost45761 River Valley Dr off of Horte Ln
12/26/10460Frost46394 Gillett Ln, Ronan
12/26/101290FrostBaptiste Rd., Ronan
12/26/10365Frost41003 Apple Rd, Polson
12/27/10155FrostSalomon Rd, Pablo
12/27/1010220Trees191 Goldenpine Ln, Lake Mary Ronan
12/27/101106Fuse FatigueBuffalo Bridge Rd,
12/29/10289Insulator37360 Round Butte Rd, Ronan
12/29/10460SnowHot Springs (Skunk Alley)
12/29/10290Snow53504 Moles Worth Ln, St. Ignatius
12/29/101260SnowAcacia Ln, Polson
12/29/1040240SnowLabella Ln, Polson
12/29/1010150SnowWhite Swan, Polson
12/29/1012495SnowMelita Island Rd and Acacia Ln
12/29/1010270SnowWhispering Pines
12/29/101530SnowKennedy Dr.
12/29/1010495SnowNorthwood Trailer Park
12/29/10160SnowWilderness Valley, Dayton
12/29/101120Snow85840 Hwy 93 Pablo
12/29/1050120SnowCourville Trail and Farm Rd, Pablo
12/29/103240Snow41492 Hwy 93, Pablo
12/29/10190SnowCanyon Mill Rd
12/29/1050180SnowTimberlane Rd
12/29/1020180SnowHillside Rd
12/29/105180SnowCanyon Mill Rd
12/29/104180SnowFoot Hills
12/29/1010210SnowBear Ln
12/30/108270SnowKnuppel Ln
12/30/105300SnowBrooke Ln
12/30/1010120SnowTimberlane Rd
12/30/102120SnowMeadow Lark Ln
12/30/105120SnowLeaning Tree Ln
12/30/105255SnowTerrace Lake Rd, Ronan
12/30/101040SnowMollman Pass Trail, Charlo
12/30/1025180SnowN. Foothills Rd and Canyon Mill Rd
12/30/102150Snow/TreesMollman Pass Trail, Charlo
12/30/101300Snow FlopMRL repeater site East of Ravalli
12/31/101315Conductor39787 Fox Meadow Ln
12/31/1010165Connector3rd and 4th Ave, Pablo
12/31/1010115Trees33272 Terrace Lake Rd and Legacy
12/31/101270Accident/truck vs. pole53251 Herek Rd, Charlo