January 2011 Outage

February 5th, 2011  |  Published in Monthly Outage Reports

Date# Cust.Min.CauseArea
1/2/11250Snow FlopEnd of Spring Creek
1/2/116120Snow FlopCheff Trail
1/2/11460Snow Flop38893 Ketalee Ln, Pablo
1/2/118110Trees241 Knupple Ln, Elmo
1/2/111550TreesKennedy Drive, Pablo
1/3/111135Connector31488 Mount Harding Ln, Charlo
1/3/11253Trees101 6th Ave E, Polson
1/3/1125120Trees42486 LaBella Ln, Big Arm
1/3/111348Fuse32931 Hellroaring Rd, Polson
1/3/11132Fuse32473 Timberlane Rd, Ronan
1/4/11421Fuse31221 Eagle Pass Trail,
1/4/1110107Snow3811 Huber Ln/Turtle Lake Loop
1/4/115136Snow45685 Michel Rd, Polson
1/4/11461Snow35955 Leaning Tree Ln, Polson
1/5/11289Cows73258 Lemlama Rd, Arlee
1/5/111054Fuse38432 Turtle Lake Loop, Polson
1/5/111893Trees40961 US Hwy 93, Big Arm
1/5/11190Trees36193 Timberlane Rd, Ronan
1/6/11824Fuse41215 Sunny Slope Dr, Polson
1/7/11156Fuse41608 Flathead View Dr, Polson
1/8/1125241TreesMitchell Rd, Ronan
1/8/11277Fuse1211 6th Ave E, Polson
1/9/111085Unknown56356 Ninepipe Rd, Charlo
1/9/111173Transformer (possibly)46848 Legacy Ln, Ronan
1/11/11167Conductor33789 Glenarrow Rd, Polson
1/11/11125Transformer36708 Fulkerson Ln, Polson
1/13/111072FuseSunny Slope Dr, Polson
1/13/111236Conductor44193 Back Rd, Polson
1/16/111185Conductor53595 Timberline Way
1/17/11185Connector33967 Mud Lake Trail
1/18/111150AccidentMinesinger Ln and Minesinger Trail
1/20/11926UnknownCanyon Mill Rd.
1/20/11145Fuse Fatigue39235 Dubay Rd., Pablo
1/21/113432TreesNorthwood Trailer Park/Whispering Pines
1/22/111570Cutout41844 Kennedy Dr, Pablo
1/23/111250Cutout4206 Kennedy Dr, Pablo
1/26/112441Birds53073 Herak Rd, Charlo