January – February 2009 Power Notes

March 1st, 2009  |  Published in Power Notes

Space Heaters – Caution ­

In our last issue of Power Notes, we shared information with you about space heaters and how they can often save you money. How­ever, you must be aware not to overload your circuits. Trailer houses are especially susceptible to overloading circuits. If every­thing is working properly, the circuit breaker will trip off when overloaded.

New Bills

Our new bill format was sent to you in November. And there were a few “glitches” as some of you know. We hope to have these all ironed out. One of the problems of the November bill was the absence of the detail of charges such as demand (KW) charges, area light charges, and conserva­tion credits (for purchase of CFL bulbs or energy efficient appli­ances.) If you ever have any questions about your bill, please feel free to call us! We really value your input!

New Energy Conservation Programs for FY2009

-Details on page 2 ­

Student Award Time!

This is the seventh year MVP has offered student awards.

Who is eligible? Any student of middle school through college and within Mission Valley Power’s service area is eligible to apply. All applicants must currently be residing in and have resided for at least five years within MVP’s service area.

How much is the award? The Employees’ MVP Student Award will be granted for any academic, athletic, or other extracurricular activity that will significantly benefit the future career of the student by refining and developing their talents. Awards of up to $250 are available.

How do students apply? Applications may be picked up at any MVP office, your local middle or high school or SKC’s Financial Aid Office. They may be mailed to you upon request. Call Linda at 883-7935.

Applicants must provide:

A completed application.

A signed school transcript.

An acceptance document (from the school or program you plan to attend) OR a copy of the training or activity program that you plan to attend (such as basketball camp) in case you have not yet been accepted but hope to be.

4. A short essay (500 words or less) that includes addressing why you (the applicant) believe you should receive an award. Tell us about your leadership, integrity and honesty as well as your need.

5. Provide two letters of reference that address your leadership, integrity and honesty. One should be from a school administrator such as your principal, vice-principal, school advisor or teacher. The other letter should be from a community member such as a business person, a clergy person or any other active community member.

It is not necessary to include a picture of the student.

Students must provide their application and information DELIVERED TO MVP’S PABLO OFFICE by 4:00 p.m., on March 6, 2009, to Mission Valley Power at 36079 Pablo West Road, Pablo, MT or mailed to P.O. Box 97, Pablo, MT 59855-0097. You can also fax to 407-883-7919.

MVP Phone Numbers

Customer Service: 883-7900 or 675-7900 Dispatch: 883-7940 Engineering: 883-7950 After-Hours Emergency: 883-7972 Customer Service Fax: 883-7919 Engineering Fax: 883-7933

Website: www.missionvalleypower.org

Call Before U-Dig: 811

Page 2 Power Notes November/December 2008

New Rates Effective February 1, 2009

MVP will have a pass-through rate increase effective February 1, 2009. Each year MVP receives a power adjustment from PPL Mon­tana for our Kerr Power allocation. Annually MVP passes this thru to the customer. This year’s adjust­ment for the residential rate class energy charge is $0.0497 to $0.04988/kwh. This results in a $0.22 monthly increase for a customer using 1200 kwh per month. Other rate classes will be similarly affected by the adjust­ment.

Dropbox Payments

If you are close to your due date, bring your payment into an office or at a MVP office drop box, instead of a grocery store drop box! If you use any of our outlying drop boxes – those not next to the Pablo, Polson or St. Ignatius offices- please be advised that your payment could take up to 48 hours to be posted to your account. It may take longer if a weekend is involved. For ex­ample, if you place a payment in a grocery store drop box on a Friday afternoon, we pick up the payment sometime late Monday afternoon and it is posted to your account on Tuesday. Payments made at Valley Bank locations will be posted to MVP customer ac­counts on the following business day.

New Incentives for 2009 Energy Conservation Program

We’ve added some new programs in order to encourage you to save on energy costs. You may find details of our entire program by either calling MVP or by accessing it on our website: www.missionvalleypower.org. Read on about our added programs.

Refrigerator Retirement Program

MVP wants to encourage customers to remove their old inefficient refrigerators from the electrical system. We have added this program in order to safely dispose of old refrigerators that are replaced by new Energy Star® refrigerators. The refrigerator must be functional and at least 10 cubic feet in capacity. Those qualified to dispose of these units are called “decommissioners”.

In order to receive a $50 credit on your MVP account, you must complete an Early Refrigerator Retirement Program Application that requires both your’s and the decommissioner’s signature. You must attach an EPA form signed by the decommissioner and return your application and the EPA form to a MVP office.

Qualified decommissioners that we are aware of are: Schultz Refrigeration, Appliance Care, Lake County Landfill and AJ’s Appliance (in Hot Springs).

Ductless Heat Pump Program – Pilot Project – only 100 units available.

To initially qualify for this program, you must have an existing electric zonal or electric forced air

heating system. If you install a DHP, it must have a nominal heating capacity of one ton or greater and have an inverter driven compressor and at least one indoor unit. You must complete the MVP Ductless Heat Pump Form, the DHP Homeowner Participation Form and include your receipt of purchase and the yellow Energy Guide Label. The installer must be certified and must sign the Contractor Invoice Form. MVP will pay you or credit your account $1,350.00. The installer will receive $150.00. MVP will allow one credit or rebate per residence.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) Program

MVP continues to offer a credit to your account for the purchase of Compact Fluorescent Lights at $2.50 per bulb. You can now also receive a $10.00 credit for the purchase of an Energy Star® qualified light fixture. For either of these credits, you must submit the Energy Star® CFL & Light Fixture Form, a copy of your receipt of purchase and a copy of the Energy Star® label from your lights or fixtures.

Spray Rinse- Low Flow Nozzle

If you have a commercial business, have electrically heated hot water and serve 10 or more meal shifts per week, you may request a new low 1.6 gpm flow Spray Rinse Nozzle. We will pay for the cost of this nozzle and you must install and keep the unit in use for a minimum of one year. Call MVP for details. Ask for Lyle at 883-7910.