July 2009

June 23rd, 2009  |  Published in Monthly Outage Reports

Date# Cust.Min.CauseArea
7/1/09150Birds/Cutout55768 Fish Hatchery Rd
7/1/09165Birds/Cutout22302 Hwy 93, Arlee
7/2/09165Transformer223 Maint St, Hot Springs
7/2/09125Birds/CutoutStasso Rd
7/3/09150Birds37261 Mink Ln
7/3/09132Birds38285 Dublin Gulch Rd
7/4/091475Squirrel/Cutout36584 Narrows Rd, Polson
7/6/09155Cutout41053 Dellwo Rd, Charlo
7/8/09178Trees59989 Foothills Rd
7/8/091300Trees59989 Foothills Rd
7/9/09153BirdsDellwo Rd
7/11/0915124BirdsSt Marys Lake Rd
7/11/0910240CutoutLake Mary Ronan
7/12/09150CutoutTower Rd
7/12/09197Squirrel33327 Terrace Lake Rd
7/13/096269BirdsLonepine Rd
7/14/09558Birds42155 Ranch Rd
7/14/09553BirdsPine Cone Ln
7/14/091130Birds34224 Dumontier Rd
7/16/09165Trees30354 Walking Horse Ln
7/17/09150Unknown43486 Pioneer Ln
7/18/091220TreesDickinson Rd, Pablo
7/18/092285Unknown37663 Hawkins Rd
7/22/09165BirdsMelita Island Rd
7/24/091165Conductor4247 Salomon Rd, Pablo
7/24/09265Trees/Wind10520 Turtle Lake Rd
7/24/091150Trees/Wind41776 S Maggie Ashley Dr
7/24/091110Birds41053 Dellwo Rd
7/24/09745UnknownYakes Rd, Hot Springs
7/24/09540BirdsHwy 35, South Shore
7/25/092560Trees/Wind2275 McClure Rd, Arlee
7/26/09580Lightning54 Magpie Crk.
7/26/09575Lightning220 Weber Ln, Hot Springs
7/26/091140Transformer1317 West Rd
7/26/091155TransformerMagpie Creek
7/26/0940125Birds70138 Price Ln, Arlee
7/26/09165Birds39326 Dublin Gulch Rd.
7/27/092570Unknown237 3rd St, Dayton
7/28/09137Unknown50537 Moiese Valley Rd
7/28/09970UnknownAshley Lake Rd.
7/28/09139Lightning48804 Lake Mary Ronan
7/28/091120WindMoiese Valley Rd
7/30/091155Bad URD33267 Marion Ln
7/30/09959Birds65971 BigSam Ln
7/31/0925150BirdsIsland Drive, Polson
7/31/091120ConductorProctor Store

Hours 70.82
455 outage minutes lost as a result of MVP’s new work schedule
48 outage minutes saved as a result of MVP’s new work schedule