July 2011 Outages

August 10th, 2011  |  Published in Monthly Outage Reports

Date# Cust.Min.CauseArea
7/3/11565ConnectorFranklin St., Ronan
7/4/11150UnknownLegacy Log Homes, St. Ignatius
7/4/113194SquirrelNarrows Spur, Polson
7/4/11162UnknownGolf Course Way, Ronan
7/7/1150107TreesMelita Island Rd., Polson
7/8/115095AccidentMelita Island Rd., Polson
7/8/11165TransformerBeaver Dr., Ronan
7/9/11160UnknownRyan Ln., W. of Ronan
7/9/111240TransformerMelita Island Rd., Polson
7/9/111445TransformerCourville Tr., Polson
7/11/1165Lightning/InsulatorsBig Arm
7/12/11468CowsPlant Ln., Arlee
7/12/11660LightningWood Rose Ln., St. Ignatius
7/13/11665UnknownPow Wow Rd., Arlee
7/15/111570SquirrelKings Point Rd., Polson
7/15/11475BirdsBisson Ln., Polson
7/15/111245SquirrelEast Matterhorn, Polson
7/15/11365BirdsJohnson Rd., Ronan
7/16/11494TreesCoriacon Ln, Arlee
7/16/11150BirdsJohnson Rd., Ronan
7/16/11130BirdsAirport Rd., St. Ignatius
7/16/1110255LightningWhite Coyote & Price Ln., Arlee
7/16/113240TreesHeartview Ln., Arlee
7/16/1110119TreesRepass Trail/Chalwain Ln.
7/16/117150LightningJocko Canyon Rd., Arlee
7/16/11290LightningBrook Ln.,
7/16/11182LightningOxford Ln., Arlee Jr. High
7/16/111105LightningHillside, St. Ignatius
7/16/113185TreesLake Mary Ronan, Proctor
7/17/11145LightningRent fro Ln., Arlee
7/18/11205115AccidentRavalli to Dixon
7/19/11335Lightning ArresterBaypoint Ln., Polson
7/19/1130120WindProctor area
7/19/112045WindWhite Coyote Ln., Arlee
7/19/112120WindPiedalue Ln., Ronan
7/19/1123865WindMain St./S.W., Ronan
7/20/1120453TreesMt Hwy 35, Polson
7/22/111075TreesReservoir Rd., Polson
7/22/11390BirdsDumontier Rd., Arlee
7/22/11690BirdsCottonwood Ln.,
7/24/111070BirdsSalomon Rd., Pablo
7/24/11890BirdsBroken Heart Rd., Arlee
7/24/115150SquirrelLemLama Ln., Arlee
7/25/11750BirdsLegacy Ln., Ronan
7/25/11138LightningNorth Crow Rd., Ronan
7/25/11140BirdsCaffrey Rd., Polson
7/25/11685CutoutRatcliff Rd., Hot Springs
7/25/111065LightningTemple Dr., Polson
7/26/112769UnknownOlsen Rd., Charlo
7/26/11952SquirrelTerrace Lake Rd., Ronan
7/26/11147UnknownOld Freight Rd., St. Ignatius
7/26/11195Cutout/SquirrelJocko Canyon Rd., Arlee
7/27/11254SquirrelJocko Canyon Rd., Arlee
7/27/11143UnknownSalomon Rd., Pablo
7/27/11741SquirrelMichael Pablo Loop, Pablo
7/28/11244Fuse FatigueCornelius Rd., Ronan
7/28/11132Fuse FatigueEly Gap Rd., Polson
7/28/11135Cutout/SquirrelBonnie Ln., Pablo
7/30/11670CutoutCrazy Mikes, Polson
7/31/114089AccidentLake Vista Rd., Polson
7/31/1170115Lightning/ArresterRocky Pt./Bear Harbor, Polson
7/31/11190UnknownLittle Bitterroot Rd.,
7/31/112102LightningHwy 212, Charlo
7/31/11160BirdsCanyon Mill Rd., Ronan