June 2009

June 15th, 2009  |  Published in Monthly Outage Reports

Date# Cust.Min.CauseArea
6/3/09137Unknown32526 McLeod Rd, Arlee
6/3/09190Unknown55890 Garcon Gulch Rd
6/3/09162Unknown34770 Clairmont Rd
6/6/09180Transformer77389 Combs Ln, Arlee
6/9/09467Unknown63 King Ln, Dixon
6/9/09165Unknown33633 Dumontier Rd
6/12/09140Conductor13701 Hillside Rd
6/13/0910445Conductor37846 Temple Dr
6/14/091120Transformer633 Hwy 382, Plains
6/15/09663Squirrel5203 Pine Tree Ln, Pablo
6/17/09451Unknown42367 5th Ave, Pablo
6/25/09150BirdsCrow Dam and Johnson Rd
6/26/09470ConnectorDupuis Ranch in Pablo
6/26/09150ConnectorJore Corporation
6/26/096455TreesMartin Lane (White Swan)
6/26/09565ConnectorWheatland Rd, Charlo
6/28/09155BirdsLeon Rd, Charlo
6/29/0923360ConductorJette Lake, Ridge View Rd
6/29/09130ConnectorParadise Cove Lot 75, E Shore
6/30/09150CutoutJore Corporation

Hours 31.75
150 outage minutes lost as a result of MVP’s new work schedule
60 outage minutes saved as a result of MVP’s new work schedule