November 2010 Outage

December 3rd, 2010  |  Published in Monthly Outage Reports

Date# Cust.Min.CauseArea
11/2/101035Trees36333 Moss Creek Ln, Polson
11/7/101214Transformer210 Spring Street, Hot Springs
11/10/10374Unknown32965 Harrels Ln, Polson
11/13/102063Unknown10646 Turtle Lake Rd, Polson
11/13/10182UnknownRolling Rd, Ronan
11/16/106145Insulator36757 St Mary's Lake Rd, St. Ign.
11/16/1015185Snow/TreesCold Creek Rd, St Mary's Lake Rd
11/17/10662SnowDog Lake cutoff rd
11/18/10480UnknownGarcon Gulch Rd, Hot Springs
11/18/1025255TreesAccident: Fell tree through 3 ph
11/20/10160Unknown39089 Round Butte Rd, Ronan
11/22/103211Conductor49706 Rocky Butte Rd, Ronan
11/24/10260Transformer1962 Hwy 28, Hot Springs
11/25/1015120Unknown34427 Ridge Rd, Polson
11/26/10150UnknownChalwain Rd, St Ignatius
11/26/10260CowsCanyon Mill Rd, Ronan
11/28/10741180Trees/Snow23782 Hwy 93, Polson
11/28/1015150SnowLost Creek Ln, Ronan
11/28/10100480Snow/TreesNorth Finley Pt Rd, Polson
11/28/106210SnowOff Terrace Lake Rd., Ronan
11/28/102120SnowEspinoza Rd, Arlee
11/28/104225Snow/TreesOff Canyon Mill Rd., Ronan
11/28/1020120Snow/TreesWhispering Pines Rd, Pablo
11/28/1020150Snow32526 Snyder Hill, Pablo
11/28/1010120Snow Flop37466 Turtle Lake Rd.
11/28/1050175SnowAddy Ln, Canal Rd, North Crow
11/28/1020210TreesVanderburg, S. Couture Loop
11/28/1010120Snow Flop39471 Minesinger Ln
11/28/101120Snow Flop45685 Michel Rd.
11/28/101060Snow Flop32311 Timberlane Rd., Ronan
11/28/102230Snow FlopMission Creek Rd, St Ignatius
11/28/102120Trees/SnowJocko Canyon Rd., Arlee
11/28/10260Snow FlopBrook Ln, Ronan
11/28/101575Snow Flop35235 Annalee Ln off of Haack Rd
11/28/104180Snow Flop46779 David Ln, Ronan
11/28/1080240TreesTerrace Lake Rd/Pache/Legacy Ln
11/28/1030180Snow/Trees32538 Skidoo Ln, Polson
11/28/10620180Trees35464 Courville Trail
11/29/1055590TreesTown of Pablo; tree through line
11/29/102120Trees27906 Jocko Canyon Rd, Arlee
11/29/10234SnowCanyon Mill Rd, Ronan