September 2009

October 2nd, 2009  |  Published in Monthly Outage Reports

Date# Cust.Min.CauseArea
8/15/091170Birds/Cutout46743 Hwy 93, Polson
9/2/091575Lightning/TransformerSouth Hills, Les Schwab Lot
9/2/09164Connector2262 S Finley Pt Rd
9/3/09119Electrical StormHillside Rd
9/3/09133Electrical StormD'Aste, Charlo
9/3/09127Electrical StormColdwater Ln
9/3/09146Unknown1995 E Post Crk Rd
9/5/09175Conductor41260 Foreman Rd
9/5/09645UnknownNinepipe Rd and Olson Rd
9/5/0916105Accident/ConductorNear B Street in Dayton
9/6/091063UnknownHaack Rd
9/9/092046Accident38686 Olson Rd
9/11/092284Squirrel37462 Kings Pt Rd
9/11/09171Birds2 Prongue Ln
9/15/09831Birds39378 W Post Crk Rd
9/15/093060AccidentSki Doo and East Shore
9/17/091010Birds54770 Moiese Valley Rd
9/17/091569Unknown31082 Kings Point Rd
9/19/09160Connector/Wind52049 Rocky Butte Rd
9/20/094165Cutout/Trees/Wind32310 Jocko Canyon Rd
9/23/091474Unknown36574 Narrows Rd
9/24/09447Squirrel14537 N Lost Arrow Dr, Pls
9/24/0932788UnknownS Couture Loop/Finley Crk Rd
9/24/091100Unknown37649 S Valley Crk Rd
9/24/09532Birds37215 Carbine Rd
9/25/09170SquirrelMelita Island
9/25/095305Conductor URD40768 Lake Vista Court
9/27/09320BPAEstimated customers - 11,690
9/27/09870BirdsSod Farm Rd
9/29/092553Trees24820 Doney Rd
9/30/09260Accident - Fire42162 2nd Ave East, Pablo

Hours 42.28
264 outage minutes lost as a result of MVP’s new work schedule
67 outage minutes saved as a result of MVP’s new work schedule