What is Green Power?

It’s electricity supplied from renewable energy sources, such as wind & solar (sun), geothermal, small hydropower, and various forms of biomass.
What’s in it for me?

Green Power is an earth friendly form of energy that is produced by the planet’s renewable natural resources.
What are we doing for Green Power?

Right now, we’re purchasing one-tenth of a megawatt of power through Bonneville Power Administration’s renewable resource program.
If Green Power has been around for 10 years, why are we pushing it?

Because of recent supply problems in California a couple years ago, there’s a big demand to develop alternate new energy sources and renewable resources.
More than 300 utilities in 32 states now offer some form of green power that allows consumers to support electricity production from renewable resources.
What’s the catch?

New technology costs more to produce energy.
Biomass production involves construction of facilities to convert certain kinds of waste products (from dairy and pig farms for example) into electricity. These are costly.
What’s in it for me in Montana?

We all need to be aware of the global level of depleting resources. The ripple effect of the heavy demand of populated areas of the west & east coasts effects Montana.
Development of alternate power sources is in progress now & Montanans will benefit from the final outcome.
So, What can I do to support Green Power effort?

If you want MVP to commit to supporting more Green Power, we need your commitment for extra dollars. We’ll then buy more Green Power. Contact one of our offices to learn how you can help support Green Power by your contribution.
More information on Green Power can be obtained at the following sites:

www.eere.energy.gov (This is the U.S. Dept. of Energy & Renewable Energy)