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Budget Billing Sign-up is Here!

Budget Billing- Available May-September!

Sign up now through September!

Budget Billing is a program through Mission Valley Power that will keep your payments consistent throughout the year. Your bills are averaged for the past 12 months to arrive at a monthly payment amount. You will pay that fixed payment amount each month for the upcoming year. Each May your account will be re-evaluated to determine your next year’s monthly payment amount. To be eligible, the customer must not have more than two marks against his or her credit history for the previous twelve consecutive months. Customers may only sign up for Budget Billing from May through September each year. This is to ensure sufficient credit is built up for the winter months. To learn more about Budget Billing you can find information in our Operations Manual or call our friendly Customer Service representatives. You can apply online after you receive your monthly payment amount from Customer Service or through Contact Us here on our website. Mission Valley Power is always striving to make power payments more convenient for our customers.