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Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program “LIHEAP”

Places to Apply

How It Works

A portion of your home heating costs, as well as some emergency needs, may be met through LIHEAP.

Benefits are applied:

  • To the residents’ primary heat source:
    • Electric
    • Gas
    • Wood,
    • Propane
    • Oil
  • For the winter heating months of October through April (State Fuel Assistance
  • For the winter heating months of November through April (Tribal Fuel Assistance)

(The resident is responsible for usage prior to LIHEAP season start, as well as bills in excess of the LIHEAP benefit amount.)


To be eligible, you must meet LIHEAP income and resource guidelines.

LIHEAP is funded by Federal and State government agencies.

Eligibility is based on gross income from all household members and the value of their resources.

  • Benefit amounts are determined by:
    • Total income
    • Number of household residents
    • Type of main heat
    • Size and type of home

Application processing may take 5 to 8 weeks.

Payment Arrangements

Please let us know if you are having difficulty paying your bill. Mission Valley Power makes it our mission to work with residents to keep their power on.

Our staff can help you with payment arrangements or assistance call us at 406-883-7900.  

Please note that without contacting us to arrange for payment options, you have 30 days past your bill due date before your service will be disconnected.