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Getting Started

The work order process is a flow of information that begins with a request for electrical services and ends with an energized meter at your property. The work order and its associated number are how Mission Valley Power will track all information regarding your project.

Mission Valley Power requires a $200.00 non-refundable engineering application fee to start the work order.

All customer work orders are valid for 6 months. If the 6-month time period is exceeded the customer will need to restart the work order process, including the $200.00 engineering fee.

Estimates: Due to the variations each project can experience, MVP does not give out “ballpark” or “per foot” estimates.

Starting a Work Order

The following tasks should be completed prior to starting a work order for new service:

  1. Obtain physical address with local County Office.
  2. Have a qualified electrician.
  3. Owners of property (copy of deed and or proof of ownership) must apply for services.


(Typical Work Order Process)
  1. Complete and submit MVP application with ALL required documents per application checklist. Please ensure all easement and permits are in place.
  2. Pay $200.00 non-refundable Engineering Application Fee to start work order.
  3. As part of the site visit, the staking technician will provide you with a designed route and the aid to construction for your project. Please do not dig trench or install conduit until the project is designed by staking technician.
  4. Customers are responsible for digging trenches, installing 3-inch conduit (schedule 40 minimum except under roadway schedule 80 is required), pull rope. As a friendly reminder please call 811 before you dig.
  5. Call your staking technician for trench inspection. Do not backfill until approved by staking technician. MVP will supply warning tape.
  6. Install your service entrance equipment (meter base).
  7. All Aid to Construction payments must be made before the work order will be issued to Operations.
  8. Final inspection (completed by Operations Forman III)
  9. MVP operations department will install all wire, electrical equipment, and meter to energize your system.

MVP schedules projects on a first-READY, first-served basis. Work will not be scheduled until the customer has fulfilled all their responsibilities and the project has been inspected by Operations Forman III. Scheduling times can change depending on MVP’s workload. Once your work order has been inspected and approved by Operations, you may contact MVP Operations Department at 406-883-7940 for a more accurate time estimate.

  • Initial Appointments with Staking Technicians: 2-3 working weeks. (all paperwork & documents must be submitted)
  • Trench Inspections: 2-3 working days (customer must call Staking Technician for inspection)
  • Operations Crew Job: 1-4 working weeks.


It is very important that any alterations to your project be discussed with the Staking Technician ahead of time. UNAPPROVED ALTERATIONS will be subject to additional fees.

  • A cost estimate for new construction is good for 2 weeks, assuming no changes.
  • All required easements shall be signed and notarized prior to work being released to be built. MVP easements are for MVP only. The Easement allows MVP company access to the property for the purpose of installing, repairing, and maintaining utility lines.